Bitcoin celebrates the 12th anniversary of the whitepaper

It could not fail to arrive, as every year, one of the most important holidays in the crypto sector, which is not Halloween as everyone might think, but the anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper, a document that represents the „constitution“ on which this protocol is based.

The birth of this protocol, or rather the idea put on paper that fateful day of 31 October 2008, was due to a character or team that is still shrouded in mystery, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The Bitcoin whitepaper was in fact shared anonymously through a cryptographic mailing list.

The birth of Bitcoin with the whitepaper

Bitcoin’s whitepaper came at an almost apocalyptic time for the financial and traditional system of the time: we were in the midst of the 2008 crisis with the collapse of stock exchanges, problems with mortgages, millions of people at home and out of work.

The catastrophe had hit all the countries of the world with a domino effect without any exclusion.

It seems that no one had any idea how to get out of this situation, certainly printing more money and saving the banks was a drastic decision that caused inflation to rise, something that saved few but damaged millions of people.

And this is where Bitcoin Sunrise came into play with a diametrically opposed system, since the supply is limited to 21 million BTC and every 4 years the prize for miners is halved and they get fewer and fewer rewards over time.

Over time it has proved to be the most performing asset in history, beating gold and precious metals, and even the most performing „stock“ compared to listed companies.

With Bitcoin we are not only talking about the economic aspect, but also about freedom in purchasing power and the fact that it is not controlled by any entity.

For these and other reasons, Bitcoin has made its way around the world over time and almost everyone has heard about it at least once.

The third halving

Just this year Bitcoin has also completed its third halving, which many saw as a turning point for the price of the asset, with several positive forecasts.

In fact, many people say that at every halving, which occurs about one every 4 years, the minimum level below which the price of the asset does not fall is raised, except for possible peaks due to FOMO or other events, such as that of March during the crypto crash.

Anyway, the next time someone will say that Bitcoin is dead, remind them that his birthday is October 31st and not November 2nd!