Bitcoin threat? Researchers give quantum computer sample

Bitcoin threat? Researchers give quantum computer sample

Due to their extreme computing power, quantum computers are considered a threat to encryption techniques. Chinese developers are now reporting a breakthrough in this field and are making Bitcoin Hodler sit up and take notice.

Only a few days after China announced the landing of its first space probe on the moon, another technological milestone from the Middle Kingdom is on the horizon. According to a report in the magazine „Nature“, a research team claimed to have made the first tangible Bitcoin Profit demonstration of a „quantum advantage“. This is the exploitation of the contra-intuitive mode of operation of quantum mechanics to perform calculations that would take eternities on classical computers.

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The calculation was carried out using laser beams. Normal computers would not be able to perform such operations at anywhere near the same speed. Even the best existing supercomputers would take several billion years to do so, according to researchers from China. In contrast to Google’s first demonstration of a quantum advantage, which was carried out last year, the new Chinese version is thus considered practically unattainable for any classical computer. The results were published in the journal Science on 3 December.

However, Christian Weedbrook, CEO of the Canadian quantum computing start-up Xanadu in Toronto, Canada, points out that, unlike Google’s Sycamore, the photonic circuit of the Chinese team is not yet programmable. It cannot therefore be used at this stage to solve practical problems. But if the team succeeds in building a sufficiently efficient programmable chip, it would be possible to solve important computational problems:

It is only a matter of time before quantum computers will leave the classical computers in a cloud of dust.
Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu CEO